Hi, my names Douglas Green. I’ve been keeping fish since I was 8 years old and breeding Bristlenose since I was 14. I’m also an Aquatic Ecologist/Geneticist currently doing my PhD. I have a BSc in Biodiversity and Conservation with first class honours, but most of all my passion are Bristlenose. Over the years I’ve developed a wealth of knowledge about Keeping and Breeding Bristlen and now volunteer my time as a Moderator on BristlenoseWorld.com, a forum for Bristlenose owners from all around the world. Both of these Bonuses alone sell for $17 each on the internet Finally though, FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME ONLY I’d like to Make You a . . . . . . . Special VIP Offer If you purchase today you will be entitled to life time updates to my eBook, Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose. As you already know, I’m a scientist and it’s in my nature to research and find new and better ways to do things. Therefore for me it’s not just a case of writing an eBook and then “that’s that”. 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If you buy today you’ll also get updates as well when they become available. Remember I am a scientist and as such I’m always looking for new and better ways of doing things and of course as a valued customer, I’m more than happy to pass these onto you. Copyright © 2010 Douglas Green Bristlenose - About Me - Contact Me - Affiliates - Privacy Policy   There are reasons why things go wrong and they can be avoided, I’d like to show you how to get it right to make your hobby easier and even more enjoyable. Over my time as a moderator on BristlenoseWorld.com I have noticed a common theme in the type of questions that get asked and have seen many first hand examples of where some owners make mistakes. In many cases these mistakes can be costly, causing illness and death of their fish and fry. Owners sometimes place them in community tanks with fish that aren’t really compatible (or considered to be compatible but only in certain circumstances) or feed their Bristlenose foods that are inappropriate. Some owners get their Bristlenose to breed but then lose their entire spawn just a few days later. You can literally be left scratching your head wondering what went wrong, OR . . . .  These are just a few examples and believe me there are many, many more. For me, someone who has an absolute passion for Bristlenose, I sometimes find these stories distressing as in most cases they can easily be avoided. Fortunately they mostly aren’t caused by gross negligence or bad intent, as Bristlenose owners by nature have the best interests of their fish at heart. Therefore when things do go wrong it is normally caused by the fact that the owner was missing that vital piece of information they needed to get it right. Therefore this is the inspiration for me writing my eBook. It’s designed as a Bristlenose resource so owners will then be armed with all the knowledge they need to successfully keep and breed their Bristlenose so they will live Long, Happy and Productive lives. This is where you as a Bristlenose owner WILL Save Yourself the Time and the Money. You won’t have to make those all too common mistakes I see so much on the forum. It WILL make your hobby Much More Enjoyable, Much Less of a Chore and you’ll be able to spend Much More Time just Enjoying Your Fish. Attention: Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose is now in it’s 3rd Edition Now packed with more information o more information about Breeding, o more information about Caring For, o more detailed photos and diagrams This is the first complete reference guide to Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose on the internet. Read what others have to say about Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose So here’s just some of what’s included in Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose You’ll Learn How to Care for Your Bristlenose, including; How to Set up Your Community Tank to House Bristlenose with Other Fish What Fish shouldn't be Kept with Bristlenose The effect Bristlenose can have on a Planted Tank How to set up a Bristlenose Tank Not only what to Feed, but what not to Feed Your Bristlenose The Best Water Conditions for Your Bristlenose How to Keep Your Bristlenose Healthy What to do if Your Bristlenose gets Sick How the L number System is Applied to Bristlenose You’ll Learn All About Breeding Bristlenose, including; Breeding with a Trio or a Pair Setting up Your Breeding Tank Selecting Suitable Breeders Conditioning Bristlenose for Breeding How to Trigger a Spawn All about Egg and Fry Development The Parents role in Raising the Fry Whether You need a Grown Out Tank How to Set Up a Grow Out Tank Possible Issues You may Encounter when Breeding If You can Make Money Selling the FRY How to go about Selling Your Bristlenose Fry What to do if Your Prized Breeding Pair Stop Breeding The Best way to Breed Bristlenose in a Community Tank plus much, much more..... Click Here To See What’s Inside   So How Much Would You Expect to Pay For Such a Comprehensive Reference as This? Well, right from the start it has been my objective to add as much value as I possibly could so that this information can benefit you the most. You already know that having the Knowledge to keep your Bristlenose Happy and Healthy will save you not only Time but Money as Well. Having all this information packaged in one convenient reference will save you so much time searching through many other references that won’t be as conclusive as this one. But that’s not ALL, I’d like to add even more VALUE so you can have Total Peace of Mind. The quality of this reference is backed by a Full 100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL, THERE’S EVEN MORE,  I’d like to offer you two FREE BONUSES as well You see, I realise that most Bristlenose owners keep other fish as well. After all, Bristlenose are highly regarded as one of the the most popular aquarium fish in the world today. They add so much value to your community tank keeping it clear of algae, that there aren’t many fish keepers that don’t already know the value of keeping Bristlenose, Therefore . . . . Bonus No1